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  • Juvederm at Body Beautiful Spa in Phoenix

    Juvederm can help you regain your youthful appearance, safely and effectively. Millions of men and women have turned back the clock with this long-lasting FDA-approved dermal filler. Made by Allergan, Juvederm instantly restores a more youthful look with results that can last up to a year.

    Juvederm can help you look younger by filling in smile lines, marionette lines and the lines around your lips. Why wait to look younger when you can try Juvederm today - Click to check out or Juvederm special!

    Body Beautiful Spa is an Allergan Platinum Provider, a distinction reserved for the highest quality, highest volume medical practices. This means you can trust our expertise and know you will always be getting authentic Allergan products.

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  • The Magic of Juvederm

    Juvederm, often misspelled as Juviderm, is made of hyaluronic acid. This is the same hyaluronic acid that already exists in your body and gives your skin volume.

    Juvederm was approved by the FDA 2006 and has been safely used by millions of men and women. Juvederm does more than reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles, it restores your youthful look and your confidence.

    Juvederm is great for:

    • Filling those "smile lines" lines from your nose to your mouth (Also called the nasolabial folds.)
    • Filling marionette lines. (The lines that go from the mouth to the chin)
    • Filling frown lines between the eyes. (Please note: For this treatment you'll see improved results when combined with Botox.)
    • Plumping and defining lips.
    • Restoring volume to cheeks
    • Filling hollowed "tear troughs" under the eyes.
    • Plumping the back of the hands to diminish the appearance of veins.
  • What to Expect at Your Juvederm Appointment

    After completing the required paperwork, your licensed medical practitioner will consult with you. You'll talk about what kind of result you want and how Juvederm can help you achieve it.

    Next, your practitioner will determine if any topical or local anesthetic is required. This is sometimes done to minimize discomfort in the area that is going to be treated. Ice is often applied to help minimize any bruising.

    Immediately following your Juvederm treatment, the area will likely be slightly swollen and red. Putting ice on the area throughout the day will help minimize swelling and bruising.

  • What to Expect After Your Juvederm Treatment

    The great news is that with Juvederma, you will have immediate results! After your treatment, Juvederm can continue to expand a little for up to several hours as water is drawn into the soft tissue. During this time you can use a cold compress to reduce swelling and discomfort.

    It is completely normal to feel firmness at your Juvederm injection site for the first few days after treatment. The area will soften over time, leaving you with a natural look and feel.

    You should avoid exercise and alcohol for at least six (6) hours after your Juvederm treatment. In addition, avoid putting pressure on the treated area for at least 6 (six) hours after treatment. After that, you can gently wash the treated area, but do not scrub or use exfoliants. Six hours after your Juvederm treatment you can very gently apply makeup.

    You may experience mild to moderate aching or tenderness at the Juvederm injection site for the first few days. It is important to avoid exposing the treated area to intense heat (i.e. sun lamp, tanning bed, and sun bathing) until all redness and swelling have disappeared

    The results of your Juvederm treatment will last between 6 and 12 months, depending on your age, metabolism, and other factors..

    Have a question about Juvederm? Call us at 602-522-9222 and we'll be happy to help. We also have licensed medical practitioners available to answer your questions about Juvederm or any of the other treatments