Body Beautiful Spa


Spa Policies

Body Beautiful Day and Medical Spa Appointment Protocol for Clients

Due to the nature of our appointments, we must maintain a serene and sterile environment. In doing so, we ask the following of our clients;

1) Please refrain from bringing children into the spa;

A. Our medical suites contain fragile medical equipment and supplies, our medical practitioners are unable to perform services safely while a child is in the room without direct supervision. If you are receiving a service, you are unable to provide necessary supervision. This is for your child's safety as well as your own.

B. We offer a range of services, but many of our clients enter the spa with the intention to relax. To maintain a quiet environment for those in the lobby and in-service, we ask that you leave all children under the age of 12 at home when you come to receive a service.

C. Additionally, we do not allow ANYONE else in the room during services unless it is approved by management 24 hours prior or is a couples' service. This includes adults.

2) While in the spa, we do not allow phone calls or excessive volume from electronic devices;

A. If you must take a call, let our receptionist know you are stepping outside, and they will ensure you do not miss your appointment.

B. Playing music or watching videos in the lobby without headphones in the lobby is not permitted. Anyone doing so will be asked to turn off their volume or leave the premises.

3) Per our cancellation policy, a valid credit card is required to hold all appointments upon booking. Your card will not be charged without your consent unless you violate the policies listed below; if you do violate the cancellation policies, a front desk representative or manager will call you before any charges are placed. Please call the spa directly for policy exceptions, and a manager or the owner will return your call.


If a client no-call, no-shows for an appointment scheduled within 24 hours they will be charged one $50.00 fee per half-hour block. If you are unable to make an appointment, please call the spa ASAP at 602-522-9222 so management can review your case and notify staff. This policy is an unfortunate necessity out of respect to our staff and clients, as our doctors and nurses dedicate valuable time to be here, and clients must be turned away when appointment books are full.


Day-Spa, Non-Medical Services

If a client no-call, no-shows for an appointment scheduled within 24 hours, they will be charged for 50% of the service's original cost (specials will not be honored) OR one membership payment will be deducted from their account. As with our medical policy, we understand that life is unpredictable. If you are unable to attend an appointment previously scheduled, give us a call at 602-522-9222 and management will review your case. This courtesy will not be extended to clients who repeatedly no-call, no-show our technicians.


We understand that your time is valuable. In an effort to keep our technicians on schedule, your appointment time begins at the exact minute for which it was booked. Each of our services has a 5-minute dressing time before and after, so you get a full service (be it 15, 30, 60, or more) minutes. However if you arrive late, you have cut into your own appointment time, which we cannot refund. For example, if you book a 60 minute massage for 4:00PM but arrive at 4:15PM, your service will be 45 minutes, and you must pay for the full 60 minute service.


Again, this is out of courtesy to our technicians and other clients. If you foresee that you might be late, give us a call as soon as possible, and our front desk receptionists will do what they can to accommodate you and avoid this issue.

If we are running behind, we will either call you before your appointment (if we can foresee the delay in time) or let you know before your appointment begins. If you are able to and willing to stay, we will be happy to extend a complimentary gift bag or equivalent to thank you for your patience.