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  • Get the benefits of a one hour run in just 10 minutes!

    The whole body vibration machine at Body Beautiful Day Spa Phoenix causes your muscles to contract hundreds of times per second, helping you burn calories, strengthen bone, build muscle, and improve posture. Whole body vibration has been found helpful in alleviating fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, facilitating weight loss, and more!

    Russian scientist Vladimir Nazarov first applied whole body vibration to athletes to improve strength and flexibility. Since then, whole body vibration has been used for cellulite reduction, muscle strength and toning, heightened secretion of hormones associated with exercise, improved bone density, and depressed response of hormones associated with stress. Several hundred peer-reviewed papers have been published on the effects of whole body vibration, and the number of research studies conducted every year is accelerating.

    At Body Beautiful Day Spa Phoenix, whole body vibration is available in individual sessions, in session packages, or to complement our All Inclusive hCG Diet.

    • Fact: Whole Body Vibration exercise is proven to strengthen and tone muscle.
    • Fact: Whole Body Vibration exercise raises testosterone levels in the bloodstream for men and women.
    • Fact: Whole Body Vibration exercise increases our production of Human Growth Hormone.
    • Fact: Whole Body Vibration exercise raises resting metabolism.
    • Fact: Whole Body Vibration exercise aligns ligaments, tendons and muscles.
    • Fact: Whole Body Vibration exercise stimulates muscle repair, speeds injury recovering.
    • Fact: Whole Body Vibration exercise decreases cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is the stress hormone.
  • Did you know?

    Aging occurs when there is a loss of proper oxygenation, nourishment or circulation to any part of the body. Whole body vibration machines improve circulation and oxygen delivery to feet, hands, skin and hair, as well as organs, glands, muscle and bone.

    This increase in oxygen and blood circulation improves our cells ability to eliminate waste, respond to hormonal and enzyme cues and to absorb nutrients. Improving these cellular functions is a necessary part of any plan to slow or repair the aging process.

    Vibration exercise and therapy is a safe, easy and effective addition to your personal longevity and wellness plan that supports your weight loss efforts.


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