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FDA Registered HGH Product
Available without a prescription
  • What is SOMADERM gel?

    SOMADERM gel is made up of an almost identical version of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) called Somatropin. This homeopathic form of Somatropin is formulated into the SOMADERM topical gel. This gel is to be applied and will be absorbed in the skin in as little as 5-10 minutes the gel is then absorbed in the blood stream. Using human growth hormone topically has been known to increase benefits over use of oral products, as our saliva and gut can inferred with results. 

    Best results are achieved when applying in thin skin areas on body, where blood vessels can be seen. You may apply to underarms, wrists, behind knees and forearms. When applying, make sure to alternate body areas for best results. Users of this product notice significant changes in a 6 month period.
  • What are the benefits of SOMADERM?

    As we age it is common to experience typical signs of aging. Human Growth Hormone is a peptide that is produced by the pituitary gland. This hormone is responsible for increasing your growth and improving your body function throughout your youth. 

    Benefits include:

    • Increased strength
    • Increased bone density
    • Improved memory
    • Better mood
    • Healthier hair, skin and nails
    • Regrowth of hair
    • Increased joint mobility
    • Enhanced libido
    • Fat loss (mostly around mid-section)
    • Greater muscle tone