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Would you like to have the face you had 10 years ago? Of course you would, but until now that's been only a dream. We're proud to bring you a new advanced form of cryotherapy that can instantly and dramatically reduce wrinkles!

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  • Look 10 years younger - instantly!


    What is Cool Lift?

    Cool Lift uses CO2, at both low temperatures and high pressure, to penetrate the skin. This is applied, along with hydrating serums, to restore hydration, drastically reduce wrinkles and give your skin a natural healthy glow. You will look younger in a matter of minutes!

    What can I expect from a Cool Lift treatment?

    Cool Lift is one of the easiest and most comfortable treatments available. It requires a single 5 minute session, which will give your skin the appearance it had 10 years ago.

    Cool Lift doesn't cause pain and the treatment requires no downtime. After your treatment you can expect to feel your skin tightening over the course of 12 to 24 hours. During this time you'll notice your skin looking more healthy and youthful.

    Can I use Cool Lift with other procedures?

    CooLifting can be used in conjunction with many other procedures, like microneedling, chemical peels and microdermabrasion. This can not only improve your results, but it can also help reduce the redness and inflammation caused by these procedures.

    Cool Lift is a safe and effective new treatment that we're proud to offer. Call today to learn more about Cool Lift or schedule your appointment.